Xinru Tang

Ph.D. Student at UCI
Pronoun: She/Her




J: Journal Article, C: Conference Paper, S: Short Paper

*: Equal Contribution


[S.2.] Position Paper: Exploring Security and Privacy Needs of d/Deaf Individuals
Mindy Tran, Xinru Tang, Adryana Hutchinson, Adam J. Aviv and Yixin Zou
@First Workshop on Accessible Security & Privacy (WASP), co-located with IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy 2024


[J.3.] Understanding Extrafamilial Intergenerational Communication: A Case Analysis of an Age-Integrated Online Community
Lin Li, Xinru Tang and Anne Marie Piper

[J.2.] Towards Equitable Online Participation: A Case of Older Adult Content Creators' Role Transition on Short-form Video Sharing Platforms
Xinru Tang, Xianghua (Sharon) Ding and Zhixuan Zhou
@CSCW2023 [slides]
*Recognition for Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion*

[C.1.] Community-Driven Information Accessibility: Online Sign Language Content Creation within d/Deaf Communities
Xinru Tang, Xiang Chang*, Nuoran Chen*, Yingjie (MaoMao) Ni, RAY LC and Xin Tong


[J.1.] "I Never Imagined Grandma Could Do So Well with Technology": Evolving Roles of Younger Family Members in Older Adults' Technology Learning and Use
Xinru Tang, Yuling Sun, Bowen Zhang, Zimi Liu, RAY LC, Zhicong Lu and Xin Tong


[S.1.] AuDi: an Auto-Feedback Display for Crowdsourcing
Xinru Tang, Dongyang Zhao, Ying Zhang and Xianghua Ding
@ECSCW2019, Exploratory Paper Track